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Ultralast Stain & Varnish

Ultralast stain and varnish is non-hazardous water based acrylic transparent coloured electrometric coating engineered for maximum durability while staying safe and easy to apply. It is an excellent weather resistant top coat system that leaves an alluring natural colour with a wet look finish. This unique Zero-VOC technology provides ultra-durable protection against UV rays, micro-organisms, moisture, rotting, abrasion and chemical exposure while maintaining flexibility to resist minor cracks compared to conventional oil based coatings. Ultralast stain and varnish has been developed to be used on all interior and exterior timber. It can also be used on concrete, brick, sandstone, terracotta.


Principal Advantages:

Deep penetration into the substrate

Waterproofing properties

Excellent permeability

No chipping or scaling

Anti-fungus, chemical resistance such as acid, alkaline etc.

Non-toxic and odourless

Ultra Violet resistance and no discolouration

Does not burn and has flame and heat resistance