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Ultralast is the world’s first true environmentally safe paint. It is called an Ecoatingtm because it’s more kind to the environment than any paint it is entirely non-toxic, with zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), low to zero VOC Levels that sit well below the requirements of the Australian Ecolabel Program. The products also meet and surpass current European and ASTM regulations on VOC levels and toxins. Ultralast continues to look good and out-performs conventional paints. It is the strongest yet most flexible paint ever made. That’s why it is guaranteed for up to 25 Years.

Ultralast has a solution for any surface that requires coating (protective and/or decorative)

  • It is a fire retardant, with zero toxicity
  • It is virtually odour-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Repels moisture, mould and mildew
  • Does not blister, crack, bleach or fade
  • Has insulating properties

Ultralast timber solutions

Timber is one the most favoured construction materials in the world. Wood gives the feeling of comfort, style and represents our closeness to nature. Preserving wood is an essential part of maintaining environmental balance and is fully in tune with full sustainability. Carbon warehouse Ultralast products preserve the timber products used giving it a new Life. Enhancing the effectiveness of timber use aesthetically, safely and naturally while minimizing its replacement and maintenance. Ultra Last products are not combustible and give timber surfaces resistance to flame and heat and achieve spark resistance with zero flame spread.