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Hi Tech Production

Weinberger as a high-tech company, carries out ongoing research to develop product innovations that in the past have frequently helped them progress from pioneering status to becoming the market leader with specific products.

Wood of the highest quality sourced from the best of growing regions

The area around our Reichenfels location in Carinthia’s Lavant Valley, for example, is an excellent growing region. For this reason alone they have been able to establish themselves as a top supplier of quality timbers destined for use in visible areas. Weinberger is also able to supply Scandinavian pine which possesses fine fibres and particularly attractive growth patterns and other different types and combinations of wood.

Glued log-house planks in a variety of profiles

Weinberger manufactures log-house planks from heartwood-free Austrian wood that is dried to the moisture content that standards require for indoor use. Their outstanding feature is that from the outside only the joint’s straight line is visible along the length. This exclusive visual effect is achieved through the use of edge finger jointing. A special tool is used to create tongue-and-groove profiles to an accuracy of 1/100 mm.
The great benefit: planks from different production batches may be easily joined together. Profile accuracy is one of the most important demands they make on quality. So it’s all the more important to know what that means – the explanation is simple: just imagine you’re using a knife to create a profile. The knife will become blunt after a while. So you sharpen it. But sharpening the knife alters its geometry. And will therefore affect the shape of the profile. So the only way to prevent that is to change the knife. And that’s exactly what they do at Weinberger. And are thus able to guarantee absolutely accurate profiles.

Bilam and trilam of the highest strength

Their manufacturing technologies enable them to produce bilam and trilam that is 10 % stronger than usual. A study by Holzforschung Austria confirmed their unique standing where the production of B11-strength bilam and trilam beams is concerned. Naturally, they manufacture B10 and B13 bilam and trilam as well, also in accordance with the Z-9.1-440 approval, which became the equivalent of the general technical approval by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik in January 2006. This approval means that they are able to produce bilam and trilam possessing a coefficient of elasticity parallel to the fibre with an E0,mean of 11,600 N/mm2. This value is comparable to that of GL24-strength glued laminated timber.
The major benefit: greater strength and even higher maximum loads for the most demanding of uses in a wide range of areas. In conjunction with bilam and trilam beams and duo structural timber, they are therefore able to supply all wood products for building with timber.