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About the school

Wood construction is experiencing a worldwide renaissance today. In New Zealand EuroHomes largest solid timber commercial construction project uses the range of our products from large laminated timber portal frames through beams and internal doors to log house planks. Located on the edge of Lake Haupiri on the West Coast of the South Island, at 3,453 sq mtrs it is currently the largest solid timber building in New Zealand or Australia.

One of the chief benefits associated with our EuroHomes solid timber is the high degree of prefabrication that is achieved. Combined with well detailed structural connections the prefabrication results in a structure that is very rapid to build, and we are very proud to report that no cutting of any element of the building was required on site – a testament to the architects and the high standard of European precision manufacture. This resulted in a very clean building site and rapid construction as illustrated in the photo sequence.

The complete structural system of glue laminated portals, structural connections, beams and internal doors were made in Europe then shipped to Port Lyttelton, Christchurch in 15 x 40ft containers which were then transported by road over the southern Alps to the lakeside site for assembly.

EuroHomes ’s solid timber structural systems achieve the high levels of structural performance required for commercial and municipal buildings and their ability to perform under service conditions and extreme events such as fire and earthquake is second to none.