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Walfer history


Company established for the production of solid timber buildings for export throughout Europe with a strong focus on Germany and Austria.


Purchased the technology (machinery) for the production of garden cottages, cabins and sheds.

wooden homes, solid timber homes, glue laminated timber, glue laminated beams, solid timber homes

Walfer log home production


Purchased new property for the production area including the complete technology (machinery). Continued production of log houses with the transition to the production of high-quality laminated timber.


Purchased production factory in Liptal. Started production of wooden windows and doors.


Established partnership with Delta company (that produces the top quality coating system and finishes for timber buildings).


Purchased the technology (machinery) for assembling and finishing the windows.


Opening of negotiations for admission to become a member of The Association of Manufacturers of Log Homes (Europe). Started partnership with Weinberger, producer of the best quality glue laminated timber in Austria.


Gained Award Certificate RAL – Quality of the products and installation of the log homes.


New technology was introduced with an emphasis on quality of materials, structures and weather tightness, using the latest techniques and knowledge in the field of production and construction of wooden houses, windows and doors.


Started to export buildings for New Zealand  and Australian market.