Is it possible to build it by myself?

Because everything is pre-cut, it only requires assembly. A good DIY project for most people.

Is the timber treated?

The timber is kiln dried in Europe and a non-toxic timber treatment is applied in New Zealand (for more info please see the Timber Finishes page).

How do I maintain this product?

No maintenance required internally (see specification list for an external maintenance).

How long have been these houses built in Europe?

Solid timber houses have been built in Europe for several hundred years. Our supplier has been manufacturing them over 20 years.

Can I design my own house?

Yes, you just need to send us a floor plan and our designers will take your floor plan through to the finish concept.

Do you have standard plans?

Yes, we have many plans of houses that were previously built across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Who handles the shipping?

We have our own in house shipping specialists that will coordinate the shipping.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we have a manufactures and suppliers warranty.

How long does it take to build?

We will give the specific time frame for a specific house.

Can you supply and build a house?

Yes, we have fully certified European trained builders with many years of experience.

What is included in the kitset?

Standard kit set is to lock up stage.

It includes base frame, walls, complete roof structure, doors, windows, flooring.

If it is a solid timber wall, how does an electrician wire a house?

There are electrical ducts drilled in the wall at the time of manufacture.